Security cameras save lives

My family and I have lived in the same area for about 15 years now. It is a quiet little neighborhood like you would expect in any small time. We don’t have a lot of crime around here and it has always been a safe place for my kids to play and grow up. I have a 7 year old daughter and a 9 year old son that love it here and they have friends all around. It is like one big happy family on our block. On any given night you can expect our kids to have their friends over for supper because like I said everyone around here is like family. I don’t know how many nights I had to pull watch duty while the kids camped in the backyard. Life was good around here and we loved it… That is until there were some unconfirmed reports of a attempted kidnapping in our area. It was in our local newspaper and believe me everybody in the neighborhood was on edge. This was something we never experienced before. We had our neighborhood watch meeting to discuss it when someone mentioned the ideal about getting a few of those surveillance cameras that you can install and watch over the Internet and on your I-Phone. Most of us immediately got online and found the best place to order them and had them shipped overnight. They were easy to install and gave us all a little piece of mind for a change.

Life went back to normal and we all were getting back to our normal routine when news struck again of an attempted abduction right behind our house on the next drive over. As soon as we heard this we all went and checked our cameras to see if we could find anything. Thankfully I installed one of the surveillance cameras on the fence behind my house. As soon as I checked it I saw the black car that was being used in the previous reports. I called the police and showed them my camera as well as my neighbor who had one installed as well. They were able to get a partial plate number and arrest the scum bag that was doing this. They ran his name it it turns out he was a convicted sex offender who had been released from prison 2 months ago. Thanks to the cameras he is on his way back there!

How security cameras make news

Security cameras no longer only provide protection to a business or home by capturing criminal activity since in recent times we see an increase of mouth dropping videos that were captured by these devices.

Elevators are one of the many public places where security cameras are often used to prevent graffiti or other property defacement but these cameras are so discrete many often forget those cameras exist.

It seems that was the case for Jay-Z and his sister-in-law Solange Knowles who were caught in an elevator fight that was leaked to the public which shocked many.

Many wonder if Jay-Z, Solange, or Beyonce had any idea that a security camera was capturing this family feud and what was the reason for the fight since the video unfortunately had no audio. Heroic acts have been captured in recent times by security cameras where the most unexpected heroes where caught.

Many believe cats are selfish creatures unlike dogs that are considered man’s best friend but the roles were reversed when a home’s security camera captured a heroic cat who rescued a young boy who was being attacked by a dog.

The security video revealed how the family’s cat pushed the dog from the boy and quickly ran after the dog which many would probably have a hard time believing if it hadn’t been captured by this security camera.

It’s hard to be at the right place and the right time to capture every single unbelievable activity around us but with the of security cameras we are able to capture incredible video and provide extra security.