How webhosting impacts the world

Most of the time when you are looking for some sort of service the first thought that more than likely comes into your mine is what is the best option. We recently went through that here. We were looking for some new hosting. We were looking for a vps in specific so I asked google what is the best virtual server option out there. I giant list of providers came up and it made my decision even harder. So the next thing I decided to do was visit a forum and see if I could get any recommendations. They asked me for the specs I was looking for. After a few hours someone had replied with that seemed to be a pretty good list that would allow me to start doing some research. I few hours later and a few emails later we had a new provider. Some of the things we looking for were support and service reliability. The speed at which your site loads is very important. It can be the difference from someone reading your article and someone not even entering your site. If you happen to publish some life changing information you can definitely change the world. So the moral of this whole story is? Don’t cheap out on your hosting. It could be world changing.

Proxy websites are loosing steam.

It wasn’t so long ago with students about web proxies. If you had no heard about this this is basically when a student back in the day would go onto a proxy website to be able to access blocked websites. Most often it would be sites like youtube and myspace. They would also make sure its a free proxy usa site. This is important cause it more than likely meant the website is safe and it also meant the website would load nice and quickly. Kids would go on these sites in schools while the teacher was not looking. The annoying part for systems administrators is that so many new sites would be created daily that it would be so hard to completely block all sites.

That same war just got tougher. Now that just about everyone has a phone there really isn’t a need to go on proxies. Kids are just able to open up their phone and access whatever they want. Teacher have essentially turned into the phone police. If they see a phone the kid gets busted or the phone gets taken away.

This has created a bit of a dilemma for proxy site owners. Most of the traffic worth anything is USA traffic. That is now gone. There is a lot of overseas traffic but its not worth anywhere near as much. The only kind of traffic to rely on isn’t really worth much.

Streaming Churches

The majority of churches today are broadcasting every Sunday Service online. Not too long ago there was no way for churches to do something like this. The only way for them to spread to their word would be via people. You would have people knocking from door to door asking if they can speak to you. While this seems very troublesome this when on for years and years. But that was the only way for churches to be able to grow their congregation. Now they can simply record and hour-long or a 2 hour long service and post it on the Internet. They also have the ability to broadcast the service live in case someone wants to watch it from home. Another cool feature they have developed is their donation feature. Usually right underneath the live player you have the ability to donate money. Most often it’s through a service such as paypal that allows you to send the money very easily online. It’s basically asks if you attended church without really having to be there, this makes its super easy for a older people who do not like to leave their home. The power of the Internet has made things like this very possible. For this same reason online based streaming faith services have come up at of nowhere. May offer some interesting low priced streaming solutions and in some cases discounts so churches have more of an incentive to sign up for their service. This is a huge advantage over using a service such as you stream or live stream. These services have tons of ads and distracting content. You do not want their viewers to be distracted by other content while you’re watching Sunday Service. It also looks very unprofessional to the untrained eye. For this same reason these companies offer white label solutions to these churches so it seems that they have their own streaming system that the use. This comes off as much more professional than all the other alternatives. The also offer additional services such as video on demand. This allows churches to upload their previous services and make them available on the Internet for anyone to watch.